Girl Conflicted


REALITY BITES! Reality bit me from the start as the author swept me up and transported me into Emma’s world. A world I identified with immediately in the opening lines.

‘I think tonight might be the night.’ I bounce childishly in my chair, nearly knocking over my skinny cappuccino as I barely contain my excitement.

‘Okay, talk me through it. What exactly did he say?’ My best friend Sophie stares at me, a captive audience, patiently waiting for my response.
Great dialogue and no drawn out descriptive lead in for me to skip through. This story catapulted me straight into Emma’s thoughts and feelings and as a reader, I’m right there with Sophie, dying to know what’s coming next.

There’s something about stories told through the eyes of the characters, that gets me in every time. This one has the feel of a movie as I am immediately drawn to both Emma and Sophie’s real and relatable personalities.

It’s much more than a love story as Emma’s life is far from predictable. An apt title and a very well written enjoyable read I can highly recommend for lovers of women’s fiction. Get your imagination and emotions ready to roll, and throw yourself head on into this one. You won’t be disappointed.