Girl Unhinged


Girl, Unhinged, picks up where Girl, Conflicted left off, with Emma and Joe happy and in love. However, as they say, ‘true love never runs smooth,’ and Emma has her share of ups and downs in this one. Right from the beginning of the first book, I felt as if I knew Emma and her friend, Sophie personally, and that feeling continued throughout the second book.

The author, Sasha Lane has a unique flair for relating to her readers through Emma’s first person point of view dialogue, to the point the reader cannot help becoming involved in the character’s lives. Emma is a girl who is constantly thinking to herself, whilst at the same time relaying her thoughts to the reader. Her down to earth personality makes for very entertaining reading as she often battles with what she wants to say to people, as opposed to what she should say to them. The outcome is sometimes not quite as she had expected.

I loved Sophie’s character – the loyal friend always there for Emma, and the not to be forgotten gay friend Simon, who touched my heart as Emma’s best friend and protector. By the time I got to the end of the story, I didn’t want to say goodbye to the lovable characters, hoping they will come back again and share their lives with us. A well written relaxing read I would highly recommend to lovers of Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction.