Natalie’s Getting Married



A GIRL ON A MISSION! I love the casual, light-hearted feel of this well written story, told through the eyes of the main character. I particularly enjoy this style of first person perspective writing, which gives me the opportunity to really get to know Natalie, a young woman who openly shares with the reader, her thoughts, her dreams and the secrets that make her the person she is.

Natalie is a very likeable and relatable character. She is a girl on a mission, in love with love and determined to get her man. I also thoroughly enjoyed her best friend, Gabriel. He is her rock, her shoulder to lean on, and the person who knows her better than she knows herself. I liked the way the author cleverly weaved the behind the scenes characters into the mix through Natalie’s dialogue.

The story is amusing and at times a bit of a tear-jerker, moving along at a comfortable, relaxing pace that isn’t hindered by excessive descriptive text. Natalie captured my attention and the start and her unpredictable personality kept me guessing until the very end. For me, a great feel-good story I would highly recommend to lovers of romance.