Single by Christmas



I really love this ‘easy listening’ ‘actually happening’ style of writing, where the main character speaks directly to me. Alex is a likeable girl and I find myself caught up in her dilemma from the opening pages of the story. I’m right here with her in the graveyard wondering how she’s going to avoid being single by Christmas. Mind you, I think she deserves to be because of the way she treats Charlie. Then I got to thinking that the title has already given me the heads up. But maybe not – it could be more of an assumption than a foregone conclusion. I’m hoping so, as deep down Alex really loves Charlie, but she’s so busy being everyone’s best friend, her life is full of anything and everything but him.

It takes a great author to make their fictional characters seem so realistic that they have the ability to play with their readers’ emotions, and for me, Rosa Temple made that happen. There were times when I wanted to jump into the story and give Charlie a hug, and Alex a clip around the ears for being so thoughtless. She didn’t mean to be, I know, but she was, and all I could see was the title becoming a reality for her.

A great read, I would highly recommend to readers of romance and chick-lit.