Sleeping with Your Best Friend



I read ‘Sleeping With Your Best Friend,’ not long after finishing ‘Natalie’s Getting Married,” and being my first novella, I wasn’t quite prepared to let go of the characters so soon. I liked them a lot, and even though some didn’t always have Lori’s best interest at heart, she found a way to turn the tables.

Best friend betrayal is devastating enough, but add a less than faithful husband into the mix and Lori’s fairy tale existence is soon shattered into a million pieces. Her perfect life is behind her – or is it? What if what she had wasn’t so perfect after all? She has now become a ‘what if’ girl filled with unanswered questions and determined to put her life back together. I really enjoy this ‘go girl’ type of scenario, and found myself egging her on, as piece by piece she sifted through the mess her life had become, threw out the unwanted bits and picked up a keeper along the way. Go girl!

An easy to read, loveable and well written story, I would highly recommend to lovers of romance.