The Trouble with Dying


WOW! THIS IS DEFINITELY A STORY WITH A DIFFERENCE! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the heart-in-the-mouth, jaw dropping rollercoaster ride the author plunged me into from the very first page. I have an open mind when it comes to ghosts, physics and other out-of-body experiences, believing anything is possible, and I have to say this one really has me thinking. It is emotion personified. I felt the love, the anger, the longing, the regret, and the fear, holding my breath at every turn of the page. But in all of that there is humour overriding the underlying tragedy, and the author’s way of making it all come together is brilliant.

The story is told from the first person perspective; a young woman in a coma fighting for her life in an Intensive Care Unit. As Faith looks down from the ceiling at the almost lifeless body she refers to as Faith-in-the-bed, reality sets in. Desperate to live, with no chance of her body springing into action at any time soon to help her, Faith certainly has some quick thinking to do before it’s all too late. I found myself up there with this never-give-up tenacious spirit on the ceiling, biting my nails and holding my breath as the story twists and turns with more moves than a snakes and ladder board. For me, I found it a highly entertaining read that kept me guessing from cover to cover.

A very well written novel I would highly recommend to those like me who sit on the fence, unsure whether they believe or not. “You’ll never never know…if you never never go,” as they say. “Jump in the deep end and enjoy!”